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FRA Believes...

The team standing with you matters.

Teams Standing With Us

Financial Resource Advisors’ independent business model ensures autonomy and the discretion to put clients at the center of all investment strategies and business decisions. Just as we stand behind you in pursuit of your financial objectives, we have teams standing behind us, including:

Our Broker-Dealer: Cetera Advisors

As an independent firm, Financial Resource Advisors can choose which broker-dealer we want to serve us. We proudly work with Cetera Advisors, a branch of Cetera Financial Group of Denver, CO.

Cetera does not set sales quotas nor do they have proprietary investment products we are required to promote. They support FRA by executing trades, offering administrative solutions, providing compliance oversight and conducting regular audits.

Our Custodians: Pershing & Cetera Investment Services

While our broker-dealer supervises and facilitates the trading that converts your cash into invested assets, a Custodian holds those assets. Pershing custodies brokerage accounts while Cetera Investment Services custodies individual retirement accounts. Custodians are required to meet net capital requirements and are subject to regular audits, both internally and by independent firms, to ensure the appropriate handling, segregation and protection of investors’ assets. Pershing is a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, one of the world’s leading providers of securities services.

Our Research Partner: Cetera Investment Management

Cetera Investment Management is a team of financial experts who provide investment research, asset allocation guidance, portfolio monitoring tools and more to Cetera Advisors. Their tools and insights help our advisors deliver advice that best meets your needs.