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FRA Believes...

We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. Through their toil, perseverance, and wisdom, FRA continues to serve with dignity and integrity.

Growth that Brought Us to Today

In 1978, Ivan Bullerman began his career in financial services. His work found him helping a number of Deere & Co. employees plan for their families’ financial future. Over time, relationships grew, employees were added and his business leased its first office space on University Avenue in Waterloo. In 1985 John Deere Component Works endorsed the firm as an Authorized John Deere Life Insurance Agency.

Serving clients’ investment needs became an expanding part of the business and in 1997 Ivan’s son, Jeremey “Jay” Bullerman, returned to Waterloo to join the growing team. During those years, the firm transitioned from a primary focus on insurance to investments, financial planning and advice. In 1999, the name Financial Resource Advisors (FRA) was selected and two years later FRA built its first owned office space on Home Plaza in Waterloo.

In 2004-2007, FRA taught classes for Deere & Co.’s Waterloo employees entitled, “Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement.” During that time the advisors learned much about the Deere & Co. benefit plans and became very familiar with them. That foundation of knowledge contributed to our firm’s growth and in 2008 we again broke ground on a new office just two blocks south on Tower Park Drive.

FRA moved into its present office space at 816 Tower Park Drive in Waterloo in 2009 and two years later opened Integrated Accounting Solutions (IAS).

Today, the Financial Resource Advisors team of professionals looks very different than the start-up business in 1978, but we are still providing financial advice through a lifetime of financial decisions.