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Fiduciary Advice & Wealth Management Services

FRA Believes...

Great navigation begins with a map. Planning clarifies objectives and builds routes to your specific destination.

The services we offer are not bound by geography. FRA has relationships well beyond the Cedar Valley, across Iowa and the United States. Technology erases borders and provides ample opportunity to understand and respond to each client’s unique situation.

Investments, Fiduciary Advice, and Risk Management

  • Specific need analysis or comprehensive financial and estate planning
  • Advisory programs with model portfolios, research and recommend competitive investments and products
  • Monitor and manage investment portfolios, including auto-rebalancing of asset allocations
  • Analyze investment and planning risks such as lifetime income, death, disability, long-term care
  • Manage and protect assets and income through appropriate insurance products
  • Facilitate transactions and review account performance
  • Evaluate net worth and analyze cash flow
  • Offer household consolidated statements and web access
  • Collaborate with other professionals on your team (e.g. attorney, CPA) as needed

Employer Retirement Plans and Business Financial Consulting

  • Financial advisory services to employer sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k) and Cash Balance Pension Plans
  • Top-level guidance to management on investments, risk and fiduciary duties, and education
  • Advice and financial analysis for projects, business planning and transition planning

Integrating Tax Expertise

Taxes are a significant part of determining the dollars you ultimately keep. Therefore, sound tax strategies are an important part of financial decisions and effective planning. Integrated Accounting Solutions (IAS) was started from a vision to integrate even deeper tax expertise alongside FRA’s financial advisors. Having an in-house CPA and accounting staff as part of the FRA family provides continuous tax and accounting support that many of our clients rely upon.

Integrated Accounting Solutions is led by a Certified Public Accountant and offers tax preparation, bookkeeping and consulting services.

When FRA clients choose to also work with the IAS team, the benefits include:

  • help in identifying future tax reduction opportunities otherwise missed by you or your previous tax preparer
  • answers to your tax-related questions quickly
  • obtaining needed documentation readily from your FRA advisor to assist with your return